Industrial Engineering

Technical studies/Methods

Whatever the complexity of your project, you can count on our Technical Department to accompany you from the beginning and to propose innovative technical solutions.

Make the most of our teams’ expertise and recognized know-how to obtain a precise solution to your requirements. In order to guarantee you the best products at the best cost, we are constantly improving our production processes and manufacturing tools.

Committed to the image of innovative industry, we are constantly looking to the future with the integration of new technologies and the use of fully robotized processes.

Over the years, we have developed the necessary skills to offer you a state-of-the-art service in:

– Design
– Forging
– Heat treatment
– Machining
– Automatic systems
– Robotics

Etude Méthode Deguy-Conge

In order to better understand your needs and constraints, we have established partnerships with the people who know our products best: end-users who provide us with concrete data, recorded in real-life conditions of use. These discussions allow us to improve our blades with your uses in mind and to identify the solutions of tomorrow.

Research & Development

Optimizing the durability, performance and reliability of our products for you: this is the challenge that our Research & Development department takes up every day.

Our R&D department carries out a permanent technological monitoring of advanced materials and associated processes. Their mission is to identify and develop future solutions in terms of steel grades, thermal and thermochemical treatments, as well as coatings and cladding. For example, thanks to our advanced studies on laser cladding we are able to develop high quality metallurgical deposits.

Recherche et Développement -Deguy-Conge
Recherche et Développement -Deguy-Conge

Our research work extends beyond our plant: we have set up partnerships with several laboratories of the UTT (Université Technologique de Troyes), such as the Lasmis (Nogent branch).
It is in this context that we are using the services of a doctoral student to further our knowledge. Engaged in a collaboration with a public laboratory, his mission is to help us develop innovative solutions to improve the life span of our products.


A quick word from the engineer:

« Our high standards have led us to equip ourselves with our own metallurgical analysis laboratory where we observe microstructures and carry out hardness tests. We are also equipped to perform wear tests: Taber test and ASTM G65 test. »

Production engineering

Our production facilities

Deguy-Conge continuously invests in our production facilities in order to offer you ever more competitive solutions and products.

Our company covers 17,000 m2, including 4,000 m2 of workshops equipped with the best technology entirely dedicated to manufacturing.
Whatever the complexity of your project, you can count on our high-performance machinery, resolutely oriented towards productivity and quality. We also put at your disposal our perfect operational mastery in the following fields:

– Cutting processes and techniques (laser or press)

– Forging

– Machining

– Grinding

– Coating and surfacing

– Heat treatment.

Our teams follow very closely the technical evolutions in all our fields of expertise. Thanks to this continuous monitoring, we regularly make important investments to remain at the cutting edge of technology and to offer you the best in terms of computer equipment and software.

You can depend on our high-capacity production facilities and our automated machines for reliability and consistent quality, 24/7. The robotization of our machines is also part of our priorities in order to ensure the best possible delivery times, whatever the volumes to be supplied.

In order optimize the use of our machines, our teams are highly trained in the programming, settings and maintenance of all our production equipment.
We offer our employees an ambitious training policy which allows them to continually upgrade their skills.

Ingéniérie de production

Our facilities:

– Two laser cutting stations, operating continuously. Their capacity enables us to cut sheets up to 20mm thick in complete autonomy thanks to a manipulator allowing the loading/unloading of the sheets in parallel ‘hidden’ time.
– High-capacity machining centers that offer the possibility of machining large parts (up to 1.60 m) with multi-layered fixtures ensuring a high output, as well as a palletizer to reduce downtime.
– Induction heaters with which we carry out the various heat treatments and coatings to increase the durability of our parts.
– Fully robotized autonomous grinding stations that ensure the machining of a large number of references at a high rate.
– A Grinding Machine
– Forging Presses
– A finishing line (painting and lubrication).

Choose reliability and innovation for your products by relying on:
– High performance production facilities,
– The expertise of our teams,
– Our quality control office,
– Our research laboratory.

Lean Manufacturing

The members of our Management Committee have implemented the Lean Manufacturing method, a powerful unifying force for our teams.

Originating in Japan with the Toyota production system, this management concept has enabled us to considerably improve the working conditions and efficiency of our employees, who are involved on a daily basis in the development and reliability of our production resources.

Thanks to Lean Manufacturing, we have optimized:
– The visual organization
– Production workflow
– The industrialization of new parts and new processes.

Lean Manufacturing is above all a state of mind and reflex actions adopted by all our teams.

The indicators set up within the framework of this method help us to manage perfectly our manufacturing costs, to plan efficiently the professional development of our employees and to strive for industrial excellence in all we do.


A quick word from the engineer:

« Thanks to the implementation of various management techniques, such as visual management, KAIZEN, SMED or 5S, we are able to quickly identify waste and thus reduce it in our industrial facilities! »

Lean Manufacturing Deguy-Conge

This approach of continuous improvement brings more reactivity to our teams and is a major asset to meet your needs as well as our growth objectives.


Since its creation, Deguy-Conge has reflected industry in general: a continuous evolution.

Our working methods and manufacturing processes are constantly analyzed and improved in order to manufacture better, faster and by involving all the actors of the supply chain, both internally and externally.

Quality optimization is a major issue. Metrology (the science of measurement) allows us to ensure the conformity of our products by guaranteeing the respect of your specifications and the reliability of our measurements.

Based on the principle of continuous improvement, we are constantly optimizing our production resources to improve performance and better meet your requirements. This approach makes sense when all our departments and external service providers work hand in hand.

Qualité Deguy-Conge 2

Our products are subject to planned verification actions at each stage of the manufacturing process, from the reception of the raw material to their dispatch to your premises.

This method has the advantage of giving responsibility to the different actors of the production process and ensures a great reactivity in case of non-quality.

Our approach to quality is based on a constructive questioning of our operating methods. It is a global strategy shared by all of our teams whose sole objective is the satisfaction of our customers.

Qualité 1
Certification ISO 9001 Deguy-Conge

Philip Crosby (1926–2001).

«All non-conformities are caused. Everything that is caused can be prevented. Quality is achieved through prevention, not control. »

Wear Engineering

Primary materials: our steels

Our steels are rigorously selected for their resistance to wear and tear, in order to guarantee you optimal reliability over the long term. In order to offer you the best possible quality, we are always on the lookout for technological advances: as conditions of use evolve, so do our products.

We work closely with our suppliers to develop the steels of tomorrow. We have powerful in-house research resources to analyze our steels in detail and predict their behavior according to their uses.

Thanks to this research work, we are able to manufacture products combining sometimes contradictory characteristics (resilience and hardness), capable of meeting your requirements and the extreme stresses they face in the field.


A quick word from the engineer:

« Heat treatments and surface treatments to improve the life of our products are developed in-house: we have our own testing facilities to carry out hardness and micro-hardness tests. »

Recherche et Développement Deguy-Conge

Coating: coating techniques

Revêtement Deguy-Conge

Wear and tear under extreme operating conditions requires the use of deposition and coating processes. With almost 40 years of experience in this field, we offer you reliable solutions.

Our development is based on laser cladding, offering very high quality coatings. Among its properties:
– A high degree of hardness (fine microstructure);
– Strong adhesion (metallurgical continuity);
– Low dilution of the substrate (controlled heat input);
– A low porosity of the deposit.


A quick word from the engineer:

« This advanced technology offers new properties to highly solicited, active surfaces. It consists of introducing a powdered material, such as tungsten carbide, into a laser beam and gives our products a better resistance to wear. »

Thanks to this technique, we are able to apply a wide variety of materials (Iron, Nickel, Cobalt alloys…) which we can reinforce with high concentrations of ceramic particles, thus forming a composite. We use very hard carbides to significantly increase the wear resistance of the deposit.

Wear resistance tests and analyses are carried out in our own facilities by our R&D department, which uses various characterization methods such as the Taber test or the ASTM G65 test.