Wood industry and maintenance of green spaces

Pruning and maintenance of plants

We know the consequences of a poor quality cut for your pruning work: branches and offshoots are damaged and become the target of diseases.

Thanks to the sharpness of the tools we develop with you, you can choose the guarantee of a clean cut allowing you to reduce the use of phytosanitary treatments.

Pruning and maintenance of plants are essential to keep plants healthy and under control.

To obtain good performance, your cutting work must be meticulous, practically surgical.

We offer you the best blades, made of premium quality stainless steels.

Our blades will accompany you on all types of terrain:

– In the heart of the vineyard at the time of the trimming, essential to optimize the fructification of the grape by improving the sunshine.

– In the alleys of your orchards, pruning with precision the trees and shrubs.

Outils Taille - Deguy-Conge

Wood shredding

Save energy by using our long-lasting, sharp blades for shredding vegetation: our products cut wood cleanly, quickly and with less power, even with hard wood. Our blades have a high level of toughness: they are designed to resist the presence of foreign bodies that infiltrate the shredder despite the metal detectors designed to limit these problems.

An environment-friendly solution, shredding avoids the incineration of plant waste, which can be reused in several ways:

– Compost;
– Mulch;
– RCW (Ramial chipped wood), from young branches of deciduous trees;
– Fuel for biomass boilers (pellet production).

Outils Broyages - Deguy Conge

A quick word from the engineer:

« To guarantee an excellent durability of the bevel, we use boron or stainless steels. We are constantly improving the lifespan of our products by carrying out heat treatments that are synonymous with hardness and foolproof resilience! »

Waste industry: recycling/shredding

Originating from a collective awareness of the environmental problem, professional separation and recycling have been continuously improving since the 1970s.

The machines used in the waste recycling industry are subject to high stresses and strains under the most severe conditions.
In order to ensure the highest reliability, we work with you to advise and develop the most durable shredding and cutting tools.

The recycling activity is based on 3 processes:

– The mechanical process, where we come in, is based on the transformation of waste thanks to machines capable of crushing and cutting it up to facilitate its transport or reuse.

– The chemical process allows the separation of the different constituents through chemical reactions.

– The organic process recycles all or part of the green waste in the form of fertilizer or fuel.

Outils Espaces Verts - Deguy Conge

Public Works

Our expertise in durable coatings means that we can provide you with solutions adapted to the public works sector.

We offer resurfacing solutions with materials specifically developed to meet demanding working conditions.

Contact us to study together the best solution for your needs.

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