AFAQ – ISO 9001

Strategy certified!

Continuous improvement has been in the DNA of Deguy-Conge for many years. ✔️

After implementing a Lean Manufacturing approach and renewing its ISO9001 certification, Deguy-Conge is more than ever looking to the future. 🏅

All the tools deployed help to optimize the company’s internal processes. The latter are increasingly customer-oriented and ensure the control of risks and opportunities related to industrial life. 📢

Also, the skills of all are made available in a virtuous management system to continually improve our processes and products. 💪

It is also a human success, stemming from the will and desire of all Deguy-Conge employees whose sole aim is the satisfaction of its customers.

Click here to visualize our ISO9001:2015 certification.

👌 Bravo and thank you all. 👌

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