Agricultural machinery

As partners of the biggest players in the sector (John Deere, Claas, CNH...), our design and production skills are at your service to meet your specific needs..


Our production is available in:
· Rotor knives / pick-up
· Guide Rails
· String cutters
· Piston blades
· Blades and counter-blades for forage harvesters

Rotor blades / pick-up for presses and self-loaders

As a leading manufacturer of rotor blades, we are used to working with the most demanding users.

Our blades for presses and self-loading machines are designed according to your specifications. To best meet your needs, we have developed steel grades to resist all types of stresses, even under the most extreme conditions of use.

We also pay a great deal of attention to the geometry of the teeth. This element, which is essential for the proper running of your machine, is thus carefully tailored to measure.

Deguy Conge - Couteau de rotor
Deguy Conge - Couteau de rotor

A quick word from the engineer:

« We are able to provide you with both hard and ductile steels that guarantee good wear resistance and excellent resilience. Indispensable qualities to avoid breakage problems on stony ground! »

Piston blades and guide rails

In order to optimize the density of your rectangular bales, we have developed production processes that guarantee your high density balers the best operating conditions.

Our rails allow the piston to be guided with great precision. Combined with our piston blades, they provide you with excellent reliability over the long term.

Deguy Conge - Couteau de piston

A quick word from the engineer:

« Our parts are made of steel. A heat treatment carried out locally by induction reinforces the rolling area of the rails as well as the bevel of the knife. »

Machinisme Agricole - Deguy-Conge

String cutter, blade for netting or plastic film

Whatever the purpose – cutting string, net or plastic wrap from bales – we have the right blade for the job.

We study with you the best type of bevel (smooth, micro-toothed…) adapted to your specifications and needs.

Our blades are made with carbon steels, alloys or stainless steels.

Lames Machine Agricoles - Deguy Conge

Silage blades and counter blades

Simple yet highly technical, these parts require perfect control of the manufacturing process. This is why we use specially developed steels, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements.

The performance of our blades reduces the maintenance time and fuel consumption of your machines, thanks to the heat treatments we apply. They guarantee your blades’ resilience and hardness, as well as a long-lasting edge reinforced by the addition of a coating.

Our innovations in the field of laser cladding allow us to equip our counter blades with the latest technological advances, giving them exceptional wear resistance.

Deguy-Conge - Couteau et contre couteau ensileuse

A quick word from the engineer:

« We use steels containing specific alloying elements (Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Boron…) which provide significantly better results than a conventional steel as far as hardness, cutting performance and durability are concerned. »

Harvests. (Corn, sunflower, tomato, beet...)

During the harvest, the blades are put to severe test. By working close to the ground at high rotation speeds, the blades come into contact with abrasive particles and stones, causing rapid deterioration.

This is where our manufacturing techniques come into play to ensure excellent wear resistance.
To guarantee the increased resistance of your blades, our engineers (experts in metallurgy) will be able to offer you the best steels, the ones that will respond perfectly to the most severe conditions.

Depending on the conditions of use, we can further enhance the life of our products with a high-tech coating. This technique is carried out in our workshops, using a fully automated and robotized process, guaranteeing exceptional consistency and reliability.

Recoltes - Deguy-Conge

A quick word from the engineer:

« Depending on your applications, we perform one or two heat treatments, either on the most sensitive parts of the part (the bevel and the fixing holes) or on the whole part. »

Animal nutrition and methanization

Our blades for livestock and methanization are designed to ensure optimal results in the long term.

Our complete range of products is adapted to all your uses:

– Mixer blades (horizontal or vertical) dedicated to animal nutrition or methanization.

– Silage cutters and other machines (straw blowers, silage loading buckets…).

Deguy-Conge, méthanisation et nutrition animale
Méthanisation - Deguy-Conge

The care taken by our teams in designing our teeth helps you save fuel: get a clean and fast cut with a minimum of effort thanks to their perfect cutting edge!

We study with you the best solutions to optimize the cutting and mixing of the product: whatever your use, our blades offer great versatility.

Working with our tools also allows you to improve the quality of the animal nutrition.


A quick word from the engineer:

« You can trust the quality of our steels: combined with induction heat treatment and tungsten carbide deposition, they will give you complete satisfaction! Contact us and get more information on our special steels with anti-abrasion characteristics. »

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